AIB Utility Token

Token price: USD 0.05 the price of one AIB token
Token emission: 856,750,000 tokens
Token standard: ERC20

USD 250,000 private pre-sale of tokens, 5,000,000 tokens. Bonus with a private pre-sale of 35%.

Softcap: USD 2,000,000
Hard Cap: USD 30,000,000

Token distribution:
Public tokens – 70% – 600,000,000 tokens
Economic reserve – 10% – 85,000,000 tokens
Advisory – 5% – 42,500,000 tokens
Bounty – 5% – 42,500,000 tokens
Partnership – 5% – 42,500,000 tokens
Marketing – 5% – 42,500,000 tokens

Accepting currencies: Bitcoin, Etherium

Token Distribution

The crowdsale of the AIB token will be conducted in two stages: Private Sale and ICO. Everyone is allowed to participate in both stages without any restriction. Private sale members will get 35% bonus.

How and why to invest

     “When there is a need for emergency financial assistance, a loan or a microloan can help out with the current situation. However, what if a loan or a microloan will be provided via the blockchain technology with the lowest interest rate on the planet and in the shortest possible time for anyone who has access to the Internet?” – this is the main idea of our project and with your help it will be real.

Now we are on Private Sale stage
We have good bonus of 35% for all investments on private sale stage. If we will close private sale (250.000 USD) - we will have ability to start programming our project and run full ICO stage. Without private sale our project will fail. Now 1 AIB Token costs 0.05 USD but it will raise rapidly when we will place our token on main exchanges and will start to create AI Bank with full power and energy.

If you are ready with us and want to invest now - on this stage we accept payments without "investor`s cabinet". Just fill out form on the next page. We are accepting Bitcoin and Etherium to pay for our tokens. The transactions can be made via crypto exchange platforms such as the bitcoin code. Read more here: We don`t have any delays. After your payment in 24 hours you will receive our tokens to your ERC20 wallet with 30% bonus back and will be automatically subscribe to our investors newsletter where we will inform about every news inside our project.

If you are first time on such type project and don`t know how to invest and then sell our token please read some of this great articles:

Token Pre-Sale Live Now

35% bonus end in

1 AIB = 0.05$

You will receive tokens within 24 hours after purchase.

Ask us any questions